Micro Sites

"A microsite is a website concentrated on a very specific product, Service or brand"

It can range in size from a single landing page, to several linked pages, to an interactive design experience based around that particular product, service & Brand. A microsite gives you the opportunity to break away from your corporate brand and special products which may or may not be restricting the growth of one of your products or services. A Microsite can be developed with highly specific optimization, which will drive Search Engine traffic more quickly than a traditionally optimized site.

Some Benefits...

Microsite domain names can be keyword rich-Search engine Friendly

When visitors get to your site they will be presented with exactly what they want without having to look for it.

They can be used for new product/service launches. It gives your product an identity of its own and sets it apart from everything you have done in the past.

With so many different products and services on one site it may not be possible to go into too much detail on each one. A microsite offers the freedom to go into more details, like specifications, history, press coverage etc.